Call of Duty 2 Review by Brandon C. Hovey

Call of Duty 2

Publisher: Activision

Platforms: Multiple (Reviewed PC)

Developer: Infinity Ward

Price: $21.25

The Best Call of Duty ?

When Call of Duty 2 was released I didn’t play it until 2007. I didn’t have a PC capable of playing it. When I did get a chance to play the game, I was impressed right away with the three single-player episodes. Just like the original you can play as a British soldier (7th Armored Division), Soviet (13th Guards Rifle Division) and an American (2nd Ranger Battalion, before they were airborne rangers). The environments range from the rubble of Stalingrad, to the sandstorms of North Africa, the chaos of D-Day and the invasion of Germany. From 1941 to 1945 you can experience the struggles of the allied infantry in the European theatre of operations.

The settings are great! The weapons are well represented from the Bren Gun, Sten Gun, Garand, and STG44. All in all, its great! I was disappointed that their were not any Panzerfausts in later levels. But that’s not too bad. The characters are interesting to a point. Captain Price is featured heavily in the British campaign. The likeable Price though is depicted in a red beret for some reason in the game when he’s not serving with the 6th Airborne like in the prior game. He’s serving with the 7th Armored. Again, an error but not a fatal one. Again, computer games are much like movies. They don’t seem to ever score one hundred percent on historical accuracy or factual details.

Gameplay is fine. Not good, not great but fine. When this game was released it was superbly lauded! Hailed as magnificent. Yes, it does play nice and feels epic, but in no way is it perfect.  My number one qualm with the game was the grenades. You cannot cook off the grenades before you throw them. Therefore they are almost useless unless you are clearing buildings only with them. Otherwise enemies will run past them or away from them and they’ll detonate without effect. Frankly speaking this is the number one qualm I have with Call of Duty 2 aside from the repetitive later levels when towns must be cleared.

Overall, try this one out. This was still when the Call of Duty series cared about a quality single-player campaign and didn’t seek to become a game for the online gaming crowds. Later on I’ll review Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and the first Black Ops game. Those two I consider to be the last two Call of Duty games worth playing. I’d argue that Call of Duty 2 is likely one of the best  old school shooters ever made despite its shortcomings.  CoD2 cover

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