Caribou Coffee, Caribou Blend reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

Caribou Coffee

Caribou Blend

Medium Roast

Brewed in Drip Coffee Maker

Caribou Blend


Background: Caribou Coffee is a coffee often recognized by their distinct logo. I used to drive by one of their stores when I was upstate near Chicago with my future wife Amanda. I never had any serious thought regarding it except it reminded me of Sara Palin. Amanda would voice Sara Palin and I would be Todd. We’d fill up our mugs while Russians waved at us across the Bering Strait. In time I tried Caribou Coffee, and it is no joke. Caribou Blend the medium roast was the first of their coffees that I enjoyed.

Taste: Bright, earthy, and bold is the greeting you get at the first sip of Caribou Coffee’s Caribou Blend. This is a good coffee one could drink all day long. It reminds me of some Mexican coffees I tried once. As the beverage lingers in your mouth you can think of all sorts of applications for it. I would say this is an all-day drinking coffee as its flavors are classic. It is nutty, earthy, and bold. I’d have doughnuts with this coffee, breakfast with this coffee. Or I’d simply take this coffee on the road as I’m driving.

Final Analysis: This is a hardy workhorse of coffees: elegant, full-bodied, and affordable. I bought a big 2lb bag of it at Wal-Mart. I shall do this again. Drink Caribou in the morning, and possibly in the evening. Later I shall bring Daybreak blend to your attention by Caribou and that one should strictly be for breakfast. This is a fine and affordable coffee.

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