The Sig Pro (SP2022) A Gun Review by Brandon C. Hovey

Caliber: 9x19mm

Make: SIG-Sauer

Model: SP2022 (Sig  Pro)

I briefly worked at a business where the term ‘professional’ was thrown about so much, the meaning of the word had been lost. What makes something or someone professional? I assert that it simply means that something or someone appears competent in their field and that the quality of their work is satisfactory or exceeds the levels of expectation or satisfaction.

The Oxford online dictionary defines the term simply as “of, relating to, or connected with a profession.” So where does this leave the SP2022 in relation to the application of the definition. I would advocate that it fulfills the definition of this adjective. Everything about this handgun could be associated with an armed professional or a ‘pro’. Frankly speaking in a world where the term ‘Pro’ is thrown about too often in the firearms world, the Sig Pro more than fits the definition.

Overall, the gun looks like a Sig, feels like a Sig, and shoots like a Sig. The gun shares similar lines to the Sig classics, like the P220 and P226. The polymer frame obviously changes the feel of the weapon slightly, but it still has Sig heft and the tried-and-true Sig Double-Action and Single-Action (DA/SA) trigger. The sight picture is excellent like the Sig classics, and the controls: magazine release catch, decocker, hammer, and trigger feel like dreams, as Sigs do.

I’ve owned my SP2022 for a year and a half now. Approximately, one thousand rounds of ammunition have been put through this gun. From Winchester White Box 115grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacket or Ball), Remington UMC 124 grain FMJ, to Hornady American Gunner 115 JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point). Never once have I had a failure to feed, failure to eject, or a reason to tap, rack, and bang. If you keep this handgun clean, it will serve you well, and I’ll discuss that later.

When it comes to shooting the SP2022, trigger finger placement, trigger control, and sight picture matter as with any gun. Put your front sight post over your target and press the trigger. According to Sig’s website here, the double-action trigger pull is a flat ten pounds, the single-action pull is almost four pounds flat. If the shooter decides to shoot from the double-action pull one has to commit to the trigger press. Slow and smooth is the shooter’s maxim when pressing the trigger in the double-action mode, let the trigger surprise you. In single-action, the gun is living up to its potential. The break is crisp and short compared to the creepy double-action pull, the reset is fast. Shooting in a cadence is quite easy with this gun.

Just cover the front sight on whatever you want your rounds to strike. For example, if you are shooting a paper plate aim for the top half of the paper plate. The SP2022 is one of the author’s favorite firearms. It may be the most underestimated polymer frame pistols ever made, and chances are it is Sig-Sauer’s most underestimated product. My only hope is that one day they create a Single Action Only version of the pistol.

A future post will include a in depth range report of the SP2022’s performance and cover cleaning the weapon.Favorite firearm

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