Sierra Nevada’s OtraVez

Brewery: Sierra Nevada

Beer: OtraVez

Style: Gose

Serving: Bottle into a glass

Sierra Nevada is one of my favorite breweries. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale was served at Amanda and I’s wedding. Torpedo is one of my all time favorite beers. When they release a beer, I generally make an effort to try it. Otra Vez, is a new take on the German Gose style of beer. You can read more about the Gose style of beer on Beer Advocate. Basically, it is a German unfiltered wheat beer. It is similar to a Hefeweizen in that regard. Here is a link to their page.

OtraVez was developed by Sierra Nevada to be a warm weather beer. It smells like dried citrus fruit: grapefruit or lemons. It has warm weather flavors indeed! Prickly Pear Cactus and grapefruit are the opening salvo the drinker experiences. OtraVez has a bit of a hop bite in the middle, but this is a beer which shys away from their typical bold hop flavors. OtraVez is a delicious refreshing beer, with a delightful finish.

This is not a complex beer. This is the type of beer to drink on a picnic or along a beach front. This beer has an acidic mouthfeel to it, so it feels in some ways like a harsher mountain dew than anything. I had my wife have a sip of this beer.

“It is good, but weird.”

Her reaction is practically the same as mine. Would I buy this again? That is likely not going to happen. But this isn’t a beer to pour down a drain either. This is a beer to try to see if you like it. I’ll stick to Torpedo or the Pale Ale.

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