Daybreak Morning Blend Reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

Caribou Coffee

Daybreak Morning Blend

Light Roast

Brewed in a drip coffee maker

Background: You don’t need to drop a lot of dough to get good coffee. It is just like scotch in that regard. Single origins are good, but a good blend is a good blend. Flavorful and cost effective, as I get older I keep coming back to light and medium roast coffees. In college and in high school I enjoyed dark roast, but when I rekindled the relationship with my now wife in 2010 I learned the truth about coffee.

My wife owned a café-bakery for three years. I learned from her that the darker the roast of a bean, the less caffeine there will be. Therefore, my attention turned from darker roasts to medium and light roasts. As mentioned here, Caribou Coffee is one of my favorite coffee brands. Their Caribou Blend is delicious; their Daybreak Morning Blend is a perfect coffee for the morning to midday time frames.

Taste & Aroma: The nose of this coffee is full of nutty aromas. A little lemon too! A delicious, fruity and earthy taste awaits you with a slight bite at the end. This coffee is simple and simply delicious.

Final Analysis: A delicious coffee, one of my favorites, and you should seek this out where and when available.

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