What’s Next for this blog.

First off, thanks for the reads, the likes, and the follows. This blog has only been around for almost two weeks and it is off to a great start. I’ve enjoyed your comments and getting to know some of you.


So here’s what’s next.

I’m going to review the new Shadow Warrior remake, that I bought on Steam a few days ago. Then I’m going to review Unreal 2: The Awakening. I will also be reviewing two beers by Stone Brewing Company. Then I’ll be going back to some game reviews. But, they’ll be a different genre than First Person Shooters. I think you’ll enjoy them as one of them is an up and coming indie game.

I’ve been taking a break from my current manuscript. I’m at the halfway point in the story and I typed 204 pages in two months, so I needed a break. I’ll be going back to it in a week or two.

All the best,


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