That Black Barley Milkshake: Guinness’s new recipe from a can by Brandon C. Hovey

Brewery: Guinness (Diageo)

Beer Style: Irish Dry Stout

Serving: 14.9 oz nitro widget can poured into 16 oz dimple pint, 110 second two-part pour was undertaken

ABV: 4.2%

Background: Guinness has been around as a brewery since 1759. Up until now from the mid 19th century Fish bladders known as isinglass were used in the brewing process. That was now changed due to a petition on You can read about this here. Hopefully, we don’t have a New Coke on our hands. But I stay away from the devil soft drink called soda. These are asides. Let’s talk about beer.

Aroma and Taste:I cannot taste or smell the difference. Guinness still smells like Guinness. And Guinness still looks like Guinness. The taste is of roasted barley, chocolate, and a good sharp bite is at the end. Unfortunately, the charcoal taste I used to enjoy is no longer there. Guinness used to remind me of a good French roast coffee. That is no more the case.



Pending Analysis: I’m not finished with this. Guinness is always best enjoyed from the actual tap. The nitrogen widget equipped can is a second-rate way to enjoy Guinness. The next time I’m at a decent restaurant with Guinness on tap. I’m having it there to do an assessment on this new recipe.

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