Stone Pale Ale 2.0 Reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

Stone is the one unstoppable name in West Coast Beer that’s become a global brand. They have their headquarters in Escondido, California. Where I was privileged and fortunate to sample their beers there personally. Even in Berlin, Germany Stone has a presence now. The secret to their growth is in uncompromising quality and in delicious recipes.

Like Guinness Stone has recently changed one of their recipes. Stone Pale Ale 2.0 is the new rendition of their pale ale. Now, folks. This is a Pale Ale. Not an India Pale Ale (IPA). This beer is a fine American remix on a classic English beer style. Try Bass if you need an example. Better yet, try Bass from the tap.  Don’t let the low rated on the linked site fool you. It is a English classic.

When you open a Stone Pale Ale 2.0 and pour it into a dimpled pint glass you’ll see a ‘ruby-red’ beer with a three finger off white head fill the glass.” This beer’s flavors are a malt start, a orange middle, and a small hop bite at the end. That orange flavor makes it feel like you are drinking carbonated orange juice. When my wife, Amanda had a sip, she asked.

“Was this brewed with oranges.”


The secret is in the new Mandarina Bavaria hops. This new hop variety has an orange flavor and it is a refreshing one. You can read about them here. This is an exceptional beer that you need to try. If this is on draught somewhere I’m definitely going to have this. You cannot go wrong with Stone beers.

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