What My Wife and I did on Valentine’s Day by Brandon C. Hovey


My wife and I celebrated Valentine’s today. This is our third Valentine’s Day together as a married couple. You’ll see what she got me for Valentine’s Day presents in a post that will soon be published next week. But for our Valentine’s Day dinner we decided to choose a place that is a culinary treasure in the area where we live in.

The Landmark Café and Creperie has been around since 1978, but Amanda and I have only been going there for a year. They are famous for their Quiche, Coffee, Crepes, and other desserts. And we enjoyed our meals immensely. They have wine on tap, craft beer, and cocktails. The Landmark has something for everyone, and I’ve never met a naysayer. Currently, as of 02/13/2016, The Landmark holds a 4.8/5.0 on Google reviews.

I ordered the lobster Saffron bisque.

I have never met a lobster bisque I haven’t liked. My wife ordered a duck linguini dish that was beyond excellent. If you are ever in downstate Western Illinois, visit The Landmark Café and Creperie. You’ll be treated to superb food, drink, service, and atmosphere. This is a bistro not to be missed. The gourmet coffee will quench your thirst, the food will slake your hunger, and the after-dinner cocktail will allay anything that ails you.

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