Twinings of London English Breakfast Reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

Twinings of London English Breakfast

Tea Style: English Breakfast

Brew Equipment: One mug, one tea bag, and one microwave

Brew Time: 1 minute 40 seconds:  Steeps for two minutes

An all day tea!

I love coffee, I like beer, I also like Tea.

Twining’s has been doing brilliant tea since 1706. Their English Breakfast  is an example of a brilliant tea. I was drinking PG Tips for a long, long time. But I needed a change of pace. English Breakfast was that perfect change. This black tea is full flavored and robust just like the box said.  The aroma and taste make it this way.

The taste is light, fruity, and floral. The aroma is earthy, but refined.  The tea’s color is an inviting copper red. It screams drink me. Good tea is a lot like good beer, it invites the drinker to enjoy. This is a great tea hot, lukewarm, or cold. I don’t like my teas too hot, so I keep my brew time under two minutes always. Furthermore, I prefer to drink my tea straight up without milk. If you enjoy milk in your tea, though, I’m sure Twining’s English Breakfast is what you are looking for in a tea.

For more information visit the webpage here.  IMG_0148

8 thoughts on “Twinings of London English Breakfast Reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

    1. Chloe, Thanks for your kind comment! Glad you enjoy Twinings! They make a superb tea. My palette prefers bolder and more earthy teas like the English Breakfast. The Irish Breakfast on the other hand is something I have less, and largely due to its maltier taste. When I have the Irish Breakfast, I sometimes add a small splash of milk. Thanks for reading,
      Brandon C. Hovey

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