That Black Barley Milkshake: Guinness’s new recipe Part II by Brandon C. Hovey

Brewery: Guinness (Diageo)

Beer Style: Irish Dry Stout

Serving: Draught on pint, served in a Guinness pint glass

Abv: 4.2%

Background: Guinness has been around as a brewery since 1759. Up until now from the mid 19th century Fish bladders known as isinglass were used in the brewing process. That was now changed due to a petition on You can read about this here. Hopefully, we don’t have a New Coke on our hands. But I stay away from the devil soft drink called soda. These are asides. Let’s talk about beer. In a prior post I had it from a nitro widget can. Now I’m trying it from the tap at a local watering hole.

This brunette bombshell is a Guinness!

Aroma and Taste: Guinness still smells like Guinness. And Guinness still looks like Guinness. The new Guinness is best enjoyed from the tap. The full flavors and aroma are more present from the tap than they are from the nitro can. The charcoal taste and dark roast coffee aroma are still there. The roasted barley flavor strikes deeper and harder than it does from the nitro can. The burnt malts shine through. The nitro can was a forgettable experience compared to having Guinness draught on tap.

Final Analysis:  This is as I thought. Guinness was smart enough to avoid the catastrophe of a New Coke. Furthermore, the truth still remains, Guinness is better from the tap. Although, I could be preaching dogma about Guinness. Maybe others still like and enjoy the nitro can as much as the draught. Still I’m claiming that Guinness’s new recipe is superior on draught. Relax, folks. You’re still drinking Guinness.


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