Spaghetti Western Imperial Chocolate Coffee Stout reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

Beer Style: Imperial Chocolate Stout

Abv: 8.7%

Serving: 12 oz bottle poured into shaker pint

Brewer: Brewfist Italian Ales

Country of Origin: Italy

Background: I love spaghetti westerns. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly  is one of my favorite movies. I also enjoyed the original Django starring Franco Nero and directed by Sergio Corbucci. I have always preferred spaghetti westerns over American westerns, save for the revisionist ones like High Plains Drifter.

I started to love spaghetti westerns so much that I ended up buying Morricone’s soundtrack on CD to the Dollars Trilogy. People found out I loved spaghetti westerns not just by hearing me chatter about them, but by me unintentionally sharing the music with them. During a marathon play rehearsal during my senior year I drove home for dinner. I left my microphone on my person and activated and all of my fellow cast members heard the glories of Morricone in short order. One of my best friends and I still laugh about this event.

So when I had seen this beer, I just had to buy it. Let’s saddle up shall we?

Taste and Aroma: The nose in this beer is primarily chocolate. I feel like I’m in a candy store when I smell this beer. I also smell burnt sugar, again echoing the candy feel. The taste is complex: Booze is all you’ll taste at first, followed by burnt sugar, then a hop chocolate bite is at the finish that lingers. This stout is as good as my stalwart favorite: Old Rasputin.

Final Analysis: This is a stout lover’s delight. Especially if you enjoy sweet stouts. Try this beer and cherish it as your liquid dessert that is decadent. Now go play OutlawsIMG_0205IMG_0212

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