Push For Emor Alpha Build Review by Brandon C. Hovey

The inventory

Game: Push For Emor

Platform: PC

Developer: LupusSolus

Publisher: LupusSolus

Moddb: Here

Greenlight: Here

Kickstarter: Here


[All images from moddb.com courtesy of the developer]

Background:For an alpha build I was incredibly surprised at the quality. Usually, when I see demo, early access, or open beta, I steer clear of a game. Every early access game I’ve played I have generally been sorely disappointing and wanted my money back. I was intrigued by Push For Emor. Something about it said this is an FPS for Mass Effect fans! I was wrong! Pleasantly wrong! This is practically Arma in space. I do not want to give away spoilers, so I’ll skip that and focus on strictly the gameplay.

Gameplay & Settings: This is a fun FPS! For only two weapons, a handgun and an assault rifle, the variety is already good. The Emorian infantry and drones had decent tactics. The AI was good. They weren’t too aggressive, and they weren’t too cavalier about my presence either. The pirate starfighters in the starship section were hard to get a lock onto as well. If you’d noticed by now from the text the game has a variety of settings: planetary, space, and starships/starfighters. I enjoyed piloting the starfighter. It reminded me of XWing Alliance. 


The cave area in the alpha had enemies that gave me the heebie-jeebies. These cavern-dwelling worms and bugs were not pleasant foes. They were more fierce than the Emorian regulars. I enjoyed piloting the mecha to assault the enemy strongpoint as well. The enemy’s automated missile platform was a serious threat, but no match for the mecha’s rotary cannon.

Final Thoughts: Check out this budding game. Yes, I know. It is only in alpha. But this is worth your time. The developer has put in a lot of great thought and time into the game. I am eager for the final product to be released.

The Start.


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