The AMC TC Episodes I and II reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

Developer: AMC TC team

Publisher: AMC TC team

Level Designers: James Stanfield, Mikko Sandt, et. al.

Platform played: PC

[Spoilers minimized]

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History: It is no secret that I enjoy first person shooters (FPS). I would have to say that most of the games I’ve reviewed here have been FPSs. Frankly, they are not the only game that I play. But FPSs are the easiest to learn oftentimes, and the most instant fun you’ll have that I’ve found in gaming. One of the most notable FPSs from 1996 was Duke Nukem 3D.

Duke Nukem 3D, was a masterpiece. Back then if games were masterpieces, an oftentimes large modding and user made level design communities would sprout up. This was the case with Duke Nukem 3D. The eDuke 3D application allows for exceptional mods to come to fruition. One of these mods is the AMC TC.

Background: The AMC TC was developed by members of Alejandro’s Mapping Center, a hub for Duke Nukem 3D levels. These modders pooled their talent and resources to create an impressive total conversion for Duke Nukem 3D. You don’t need a copy of Duke Nukem 3D to play the AMC TC. To download the game now visit here.  I don’t want to tell you the story as that would provide too many spoilers. But I’ll describe it as this: The AMC TC is a love letter to 80s action films, 90s FPSs, and enhanced with the lessons learned from games made in the early 2000s. Or more simply put, it is The Expendables meeting Duke Nukem 3D. In Episode I, you’ll fight Cycloids from Duke Nukem 3D and demons from Doom alongside a few other baddies from various games. In Episode II, you’ll be fighting the bad guys from Shadow Warrior, the original.

Levels & Weapons: Levels range from urban battles, industrial facilities, laboratories, military bases, alien starships, and occasionally the abyss, a la Doom. Weapons range from conventional ones: M16s, Glocks, Street Sweeper Shotguns, Steyr AUGs and rocket launchers. The unconventional ones are present too: Plasma Cannons, Shrinkers, Chainguns, lasers, and occasionally some surprises. To read more about the featured weapons visit here.

These weapons are detailed, and have accurate reloading animations. I can attest to some of these personally as I’ve owned a number of Glock handguns. Though the upgrades on the Glock 18 handgun are far from aftermarket. They’re in the province of science-fiction! And they are fantastic indeed. All in all, the weapons will make any respectable fans of FPS more than satisfied.

Characters: I’ve played this game through multiple times. Each character has a different set of skills and weapons. So it feels like you are playing a completely different game each time. For example: the sorceress can use magic and open certain doors other characters cannot. The character Mikko can hack terminals, and Highwire starts out with Russian/Soviet weapons. Vodka acts the same way as Duke Nukem’s steroids.

Final Analysis: This is a game you’ve got to play. Download it to support the AMC team’s work.I loved this game and I’m eagerly awaiting Episdode III.




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