The 20th Zone Part II: Maybe one of the best free doom clones of all time reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

The 20th Zone II

Platform: PC

Price: Free on Moddb

Developer: Walcionyrs

Publisher: Walcionyrs

Engine: zDoom

Download here 

[All images courtesy of the developer on moddb]

Background: I was searching for another indie game to review. I found this. It looked fun. It was free. And simplicity and fun seemed to enjoy a matrimony in these twenty levels. While I only played a fourth of the levels in forty minutes, I can tell you it is a great game already. This may be one of the best doom clones that you can play for free.

Levels/Weapons/Enemies: The levels are entertaining but linear. You’ll be engaging company sized contingents of enemies at once or in platoon or squad formations. Enemies range from: humanoid infantry, cyborgs, bosses of varying strength, and lastly reptilian aliens. You start out with an under powered Desert Eagle pistol. I have fired a .44 Magnum Desert Eagle in reality. I can tell you it is a powerful and hard to control handgun in rapid fire. I wouldn’t recommend it for combat shooting that requires rapid fire. Other weapons include a classic minigun common in the Doom series, and a shotgun similar to that in the Doom series as well. Although, it acts like a semi-automatic or automatic shotgun rather than the pump-action found in the above mentioned games.

Final Analysis: Give this game a try. It is not sophisticated or grandoise, but it is brief fun.


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