2027: A DeusEx mod reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

2027 (2011)

Platform: PC

Mods: DeusEx (2000)

Publisher: Project2027

Developer Project 2027

Gameplay video

Mod site



 [All images courtesy of the moddb page’s admin]

[Spoilers Minimized]

Background: 2027 is an excellent user made total conversion for Deus Ex (2000). This Russian made mod is thankfully available in English. This is a mod that is both fun, free, and a good parallel story to the events of Deus Ex Human Revolution (2011). The player character is Daniel. Our protagonist is Daniel, a mercenary. Daniel becomes linked to an AI, and this is where the fun begins. The player will travel to the USA, Paris, France, and USSR while unravelling a web of intrigue and conspiracy.

Gameplay & Atmosphere: These cities feel like well travelled streets and pedestrian areas, despite curfews in some cases. The Parisian areas felt compact and medieval. The Moscow levels felt industrial and futuristic. The final level, had a good blend of military and industrial to it. It reminded me of a more realized tech base from Doom. It also was similar to Deus Ex’s Area 51 segment.

The weapons are more realized than the original Deus Ex. A Glock 17 with an integral suppressor is a great addition. The MP9K, is delightful, and classics like the GEP gun are still present. A neat addition is the sub caliber shot shells designed to defeat the smaller security bots. When these are loaded in the Saiga shotgun, the smaller bots are no match for the player character. As long as they don’t have a flamethrower.

Side quests are present in this mod. They’re almost a requirement really, as the player is more formidable to complete the difficult main quest. Side quests are certainly better developed than the Elder Scrolls III Fighters’s Guild ‘Kill the rats’ quests. You’ll perform raids on high value targets, etc… to support your primary investigation, and that is uncovering the mystery of Project Titan.

This is harder than Deus Ex Mankind Divided, even on the easiest difficulty setting. Every round of ammo is a round you may never replace. Every lockpick or multitool is a precious asset. Every fight is a likely a battle picked carefully. Otherwise, your resources may be wasted. This is especially proved correct in the Moscow levels. My one pet peeve in this game is the ease of how the player can forget their weapons in the bar areas in the ‘armories’ the club security stores them in. Take your time in these spots and collect everything.

Final Analysis: 2027 is a worthwhile mod to play. This mod, The Nameless Mod, and Zodiac are some of the best user made maps and well-executed levels I’ve seen to date. Be sure to pick this up alongside your Steam copy of Deus Ex, as you’ll find the installation path easier. Aside from the last level which is quite difficult, this is a most excellent total conversion for Deus Ex.


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