The Fredrick Inn serving excellence since 1981 by Brandon C. Hovey


St. Joseph, Missouri is nestled on the borderlands between Missouri and Kansas. This city has a rich and colorful history: The Pony Express began here. Jesse James’s gang has its roots here. Also, the real slim shady: Eminem was born here. From Central Illinois it takes roughly a quarter of a day to reach this city. And to reach St. Joseph you must cross the prairies of Illinois, then cross the father of waters, and then make your way through the rolling hills of Northern Missouri.

This journey is a lengthy one. But St. Joseph, MO has culinary delights worth travelling over two hundred miles to partake in. I’m not in St. Joseph for strictly epicurean reasons though. I’ll address that later. For now, let’s talk about The Fredrick Inn! This is an independent steakhouse that any community in America would love to partake in. I am envious of the people of this city who have easier access to this gem than I do.

The Fredrick Inn is a steakhouse and lounge at heart. The bar menu is sizable. Typical steakhouse cocktails are available. I didn’t partake in those tonight though. I had a bite of my wife’s prime rib. I would give this prime rib the title of Primus Pilus, first javelin. This is the first centurion in my steak legion.

I wasn’t in a steak mood though. I was in the mood for something I cannot get on a regular basis. These are chicken livers. These lightly breaded morsels that were deep fried and grilled were delightfully rich in flavor: robust and earthy! I was pleased with my meal. With or without the white gravy these exceptional pieces of offal were exquisite. These livers are hepatological marvels!

My Cesar salad was incredible too! Again, these were robust flavors. The romaine loved the Cesar dressing that was delightfully creamy. The tomato soup that also adjoined the meal was pure pleasure. It was delightfully well-balanced and also full bodied in mouthfeel and flavor. All in all, you would be foolish to miss out on The Fredrick Inn’s food. Visit their website here.

The real reason I am in St. Joseph, MO is to celebrate the life of the late Aure Maxine Novak, 94 of St. Joseph, MO. Maxine happens to be my wife’s grandmother. I only met Maxine once, but I was embraced by her intelligence, her warmth, and her gift of gab. She also passed on culinary talent to my wife, Amanda and my father-in-law, Phillip Novak. Maxine loved the Fredrick Inn, and in honor of her we dined at The Fredrick Inn. Karen and Phillip Novak, my wife’s parents graciously paid for the meal.

After eating at The Fredrick Inn, I got to learn another thing about Maxine Novak. She had incredible taste in food along with a great culinary talent! If you are in the neighborhood of St. Joseph, Missouri. You should get yourself over to The Fredrick Inn and enjoy a good meal and support an independent restaurant.

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4 thoughts on “The Fredrick Inn serving excellence since 1981 by Brandon C. Hovey

  1. This is a wonderful place to enjoy a lunch or dinner. To add to the history…the name of the restaurant is actually Fredrick Inn (no “er”). The original owners were named Fred and Rick. Best home-cooked meals!


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