The Big Biscuit Is Certainly The Best Biscuit by Brandon C. Hovey

It is my second day in St. Joseph, Missouri. My wife and I were weary travelers. We kept sleeping until 11:00 a.m.. This is both unusual for us, but we spent our prior day on the road for most of it. That sapped us. What we needed for today was a good breakfast. And that breakfast was The Big Biscuit.

Cousin Marty Novak, a native of St. Joesph, recommended The Big Biscuit. I am so glad he did. When he recommends a restaurant it is likely excellent! Everything about The Big Biscuit is likable! The decor, the size of the menu, the service, and what counts: the food! I was honored to have breakfast at The Big Biscuit.

You can see for yourself that this menu is a library of of breakfast delights. The choices of breakfast are endless as you can see for yourself.




best menu

I ordered the Country Benedict. My own grandmother introduced me to Eggs Benedict. I can get Eggs Benedict almost anywhere. I needed something else. The Country Benedict is Eggs Benedict with gravy instead of Hollandaise sauce. I’m glad I briefly went rogue and ordered this. My wife ordered The Alamo: a unique take on a breakfast burrito. My father-in-law joined me in the Country Benedict. He graciously paid for our meal as well. Before I talk about it, let’s talk about their coffee.


Folks, Followers, Readers, and Friends: this is how coffee should be. Jet black, noir, and dark! This coffee had a nice oily mouthfeel with a nutty flavor. It wasn’t too hot either. I’m a coffee snob. This coffee more than passes muster. It is perfection in a mug. It paired well with my exceptional breakfast and this burst of caffeine lasted throughout the day.


Sports Illustrated unveiled its swimsuit issue cover model recently: Ashley Graham. If Sports Illustrated were ever to do a breakfast issue, they should use this Country Benedict from The Big Biscuit as their cover model!

Everything about this plate is real, folks. Real deliciousness! The biscuits are hearty and fluffy. The hash browns are rich in flavor. I order my hashbrowns extra crispy, and by golly they were satisfying. The gravy was creamy and robust! It paired well with the sausage. The sausage was juicy, earthy, and bold.

Don’t like sausage? Well you can choose a different meat along with a different style of potato. That’s the beauty of The Big Biscuit, dear readers! You have the availability to customize classic breakfast dishes. As I stated earlier in the prior post , I am not in town for only epicurean reasons. The food is great in St. Joseph, MO though.


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