Hazel’s Coffee: A Jewel in the Crown of St. Joseph,MO by Brandon C. Hovey

I adore coffee. So it is no secret to my friends and family that a good coffee shop is one thing  I always hunt for. Cousin Marty Novak recommended Hazel’s Coffee. Alongside father-in-law Phil Novak for a great coffee shop in St. Joseph. They were both striking the bullseye with their recommendation.

I judge a coffee shop by its cappuccino. Why? Simply due to the fact that a cappuccino and a latte are oftentimes confused with each other. Here are some explanations on cappuccinos and lattes.

I had two of these cappuccinos at Hazel’s. The espresso was earthy and robust. Not too acidic and not sour. This was timed and tamped just right. I have some hours clocked behind an espresso machine. I know what I’m speaking of and the results of this professionalism was pleasant in the flavor and appearance of this cappuccino.

IMG_0281 (1)


I also had the Irish Nut Latte. It was a delectable concoction with hazelnut and Irish Cream syrups. It complimented the excellent espresso well.

I know this is a good place too by their restrooms. They were clean and I ran into Ole Blue Eyes and a few other guys in the john too.



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