Budweiser: The Great American Lager reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey from a 25oz can

Beer Style: American Adjunct Lager

Country of Origin: United States of America (Missouri)

Serving Methodology: 25 oz can poured into Budweiser pint glass

Abv: 5%

Brewery: Anheuser-Busch InBev

Background: My first beer was a Budweiser. Budweiser is one of those beers that a lot of people don’t respect but should. Budweiser is exactly what it says on the can, bottle, or tap: Crisp, Clean, and Refreshing. It is not pisswasser like some claim. They need to get off of their high horse and try actually bad beers like Old Milwaukee.

Budweiser is a 200 year old tradition that began in St. Louis, Missouri. Adolphus Busch created a masterpiece beer that is beechwood finished and remarkably refreshing. Yes, I know the recipe has changed. After Prohibition and World War II the recipe has evolved far from its original German-American roots.

When I first had this beer, it was from the bottle. This is my least favorite way to have a Budweiser. You want this beer from the tap or from the can. Otherwise your experience with the beer becomes diminished.

Aroma & Taste: The aroma is mainly wet grain and toasted malt. The head reduces quickly in this beer, some consider this a detractor. It really does not affect the flavor. It does make Budweiser resemble more of a soda though. The taste is straightforward like the aroma. You have a crisp bite at the start and at the finish you have dry beechwood. This is a simple beer and a most excellent example of the American Adjunct Lager.

Final Analysis: I have been saving this Budweiser in my fridge for three days now. When I finished my manuscript I wanted a refreshing lager. After working on my third novel’s first draft and finishing it after roughly five months a beer is a celebratory prop. A lager beer is best.


Budweiser is that lager. A craft beer sometimes doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you just need a Budweiser. This Bud was for me. Thank God for the union of Lilly Anheuser and Adolphus Busch.



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