Fuller’s Bengal Lancer Reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

Beer: Fuller’s Bengal Lancer

Beer Style: IPA

Abv: 5.3%

Brewery: Fuller, Smith, and Turner

Country of Origin: United Kingdom (England)

Serving Method: 500ml bottle poured into dimple pint

Background: Continuing on my tour of UK beers, I noticed that I hadn’t included any beers by Fuller’s yet. Fuller’s Bengal Lancer seemed like the best place to start. This is one of those brews that you see in unlikely places and then regret not picking it up. This is a time I did, and it is not the first time either. This is my fourth time having this English brew.

Taste & Aroma: Fruity hops and moist grain tease your nostrils before you imbibe. One thing that you have to notice right away with this beer is it’s beauty. This is a gorgeous beer. Reddish-orange body and a cream colored head make it inviting. Now for what counts: flavor.

The hop is minor here actually. There’s not a whole lot of balance to this beer. This IPA feels more like a Czech pilsner as its hop bite is more spicy and less harsh. This isn’t a bad beer by any means. But it is my first encounter with an IPA that reminded me of a Czech pilsner.

Final Analysis: Not bad, Fuller, Smith, and Turner! This is a good, mild, English IPA. I’m eager to try more of your products. I’ll continue to survey UK beers.

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