Lavazza’s Kilmanjaro Single Origin Coffee reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

Time for another Coffee Review

Coffee Co: Lavazza

Kilmanjaro Single Origin Blend

Serving Methodology:1st serving Electronic drip coffee maker poured into 12 oz mug 2nd French press poured into same mug.

Background: My wife bought me this coffee from our local grocer. It was a nice surprise. I’ve never had a coffee from this company before. Let’s dive in.

Taste & Aroma: The nose in this coffee is bright and nutty. The flavor is acidic, yet earthy. This is a fine and balanced single origin. The French press makes the coffee bolder and less balanced. I would advise the coffee drinker to stick to the drip maker for this one.

Final Analysis: This is a good example of an easy drinking single origin. I prefer blends typically. This is an exception. I’m eager to try more of Lavazza’s coffees.

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