Joe’s Pizza and Pasta in Effingham,IL is a must visit by Brandon C. Hovey



I know! There was a lull! I’m not lost don’t worry.

I’m still travelling. The wi-fi was miserable! And so was the local food. Where I was at wasn’t worth writing about really save for a few things that I will discuss later in a post on a more serious subject.

Let’s talk about food though. I adore Chicago deep dish pizza. You cannot beat it. You especially can’t beat it when you are far from Chicago. Joe’s Pizza and Pasta is a great example of this. I placed an order for a Chicago style deep dish pie with Italian sausage, Spinach, and anchovies. I am glad I did. I’d argue that this is the best Chicago style pie south of I-74.

Their pie a deep dish full of heaping quality.

Assesment: There’s a coat of mozzarella and underneath are the goods: spinach and sausage. The anchovies coated the top. There wasn’t a topping on every bite, but that’s okay. The sauce and crust make up for it. The smooth, thick crust is sweet, and the coat of cheese is luxurious. Though, a tad much for me. The spinach was lush, as I wanted it to be. And the anchovies were salty and cathartic. The perfect finish to an excellent pizza.

Restaurant Background: Joe’s is a chain across Southern,IL. Here’s their site. It is great that they have a substantial presence in Southern, IL. With pizza like this how could you go wrong. I don’t know much about this restaurant chain’s history, but again with a pizza like this it must be glorious. Like them on Facebook. 

Blurry? Yes. I know, but the pizza is exceptional. 

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