Corona Extra one of my wife’s favorite go-to beers reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

Brewery: Groupo Modelo

Beer: Corona Extra

Serving Method: 12 oz bottle poured into shaker pint

Abv: 4.6%

Beer Style: Adjunct Lager

Country of Origin: Mexico

Background: Time for a brew. I decided to deviate from my current UK beer kick and have something from my hemisphere. Corona was in the fridge. This is no suprise. I picked this beer up a few months ago for my wife as it is one of her favorites. She doesn’t mind when I have a bottle from the stash now and then. Let’s go exploring, shall we?

Taste & Aroma: This aroma of wet grain reminds me of Illinois farm towns more than Mexican cerveza. This is all my nose is detected. The flavors are far better than the aroma. A good maltiness is present. With some spicy hop towards the end. The head reduces to a mere half-finger in measure and sticky lace lines the portion of the glass in a fashion that reminds me of a Belgian beer.

Final Analysis: I will be exploring more Mexican beers as we gain progress towards May. I cannot say Corona Extra is a superb beer. But I cannot say it is a bad one either. If you crave a simple lager have a Budweiser instead please. If you are in the mood for a Mexican beer though, this is not one to shy away from. This beer is simply not my cup of tea though.


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