Twinings of London Irish Breakfast Reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

It is tea time again!

Earlier, I reviewed Twinings English Breakfast. That was a superb tea. Their Irish Breakfast is just as good and stands upon itself in a class of its own.

I brewed this tea with my old 500 ml pyrex and a single tea bag. Then I poured the pyrex into a 12oz mug. Let’s examine this tea shall we?

Taste & Aroma: The nose is bright here! This is a perfect example of how a breakfast tea should be. The floral aroma here is a welcoming event for any tea expert or neophyte such as myself. I am a casual tea drinker as well as a casual gamer. I fall somewhere between expert and neophyte. That is an aside though.

This tea tastes malty. Like a good Irish beer. Guinness comes to mind. And the malt works quite well with the floral aroma. This is a bold flavor here. I prefer the English Breakfast tea by Twinings. But English Breakfast is an all day tea. This on the other hand is a morning only tea I believe. A real kick-start to the day. A regular carrier catapult. Alas, no goose and maverick.

This tea is another classic quality tea by Twinings. Why don’t you pick some up from your local grocer?


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