Chai Cuisine: An exceptional Peoria restaurant by Brandon C. Hovey

Chai Cuisine is one of those unmistakable culinary treasures that you do not see often. But when you do you know you have to develop a relationship with it. Chai Cuisine is my new Asian favorite in Peoria. It is a one stop shop for Asian delicacies.

My wife and I started out with their yummy house sampler. This is an appetizer plate showcasing appetizers such as egg rolls, potstickers, chicken stay, and their excellent crab rangoon. Their Miso soup is the best soup in its class that I’ve ever experienced. And I had mine served with a cockade of crab rangoons surrounding the bowl.


Chai Cuisine has the best orange chicken that I’ve had as well. This chicken has plenty of orange zing and is full flavored.


Their Thai iced coffee made with condensed milk is out of this world as well.


If you are in Peoria,IL. You should make a trip to Chai Cuisine a top priority. A visit there on a Sunday afternoon from 12p.m. to 3p.m. is well worth your time as live jazz music is performed by a talented trio of musicians. Chai Cuisine is a culinary treasure in the Peoria area. Support them.


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