Giordano’s: A Chicago Legend and personal favorite by Brandon C. Hovey

Confession time: last night I was a pizza apostate. I made a poor pizza choice. I had a deep dish pie different from my all time favorite: Giordano’s. That was a mistake. Giordano’s has been my favorite Chicago style pie ever since I was twelve years old. Heavens, it was the first of the kind that I had ever had. Therefore it remains special to me.

Last night I picked up pizza where my ingredients wouldn’t stay on the pie. I was eating more so crusty cheesy bread than a pizza. I won’t give the name of the place, and I wasted money giving them business. So the disappointment won’t echo here, I’ll focus on the positive.

Giordano’s has the spinach and the anchovies that I wanted on my pizza. I’ve been indulging in Italian-American cuisine since I’m in an area where I can enjoy it. My Italian sausage calzone at lunch was a delight and well worth the wait. I was eager for something different tonight though, so anchovies and spinach were the prize of the night.

Giordanos’s was founded by two Argentine brothers, but their brand’s vision for Chicago deep-dish pies is crystal clear. With their pizza you get ingredients that don’t fall off, and a rich and buttery crust.


The sauce is balanced in flavor, but it has a nice, zingy kick. When you take your first bite of a Giordano’s pizza you know you are tasting quality. My first taste back at age twelve was memorable. Every bite of Giordano’s is always memorable to me. I don’t have it every day. So I savor it.

Look at this bombshell of a pizza. You get an ingredient on every bite; deep and wide.


When you are in Chicago, check out Giordano’s. And remember they’ll ship anywhere in the United States. Don’t be a dunce like me and order something else.

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