Baderbrau Chicago Pilsner, Reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

Beer: Baderbrau Chicago Pilsner

Beer Style: Czech Pilsner

Country of Origin: USA (Chicago,IL)

Abv: 4.8%

Serving Methodology: 12 oz bottle poured into eight oz plastic cup

Background: Supposedly, this is a recreation of a beer that was an early Chicago craft brew. You can read about its history here.   Today, I overheard locals ranting and raving about this beer. It is time to try it out. Furthermore, the blue eagle reminds me of the Ruger eagle. So I like this beer even more. One of my first firearms was a Ruger 10/22.


Taste & Aroma: This beer smells like a grand Czech pilsner! It reminds me of Pilsner Urquell! This has a good malty nose with a little spicy grain too. Now let us sip. This is a pilsner! I tasted a zing and a refreshing bite that has a sharpness akin to Budweiser, a gold standard in lagers!



Background: This is a citrusy, refreshing pilsner with a sharp bite. You are making a mistake if you have not tried this beer. This beer has flavor. If it was distributed where I lived, I’d make a habit of buying it. Otherwise, this is a rare treat for me. If you are in the Chicago area seek this out.

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