Lavazza Classico Roast by Brandon C. Hovey

It is time for some great coffee. I had a week of business trips and all sorts of fires and flames to tame. Hence why I brought home Yuengling from the East.

I’ve not had a decent or great cup of coffee in likely one week due to travelling far from anything remotely resembling an honest coffee shoppe save a Starbucks. But Starbucks has good coffee and they’re ubiquitous. Plus, they don’t have a French Press typically, like mine.

I reviewed another Lavazza Coffee earlier that was delicious. My wife picked it up for me so I decided to hunt down some others. You can never go wrong with an excellent medium-roast coffee, the classico blend looks like it is one.


And it does taste like one too! The Earthy aroma matches a bright, balanced flavor. This is a acidic coffee that has a deep bite at the end. Delicious! This is a coffee that makes me grin ear to ear. I know I picked a good one. Both the coffee and the wife for finding a good caffeine pipeline for me in Lavazza!

I’m smiling so much, my dog wants to know what’s going on with me. It’s the coffee, Phoebe!



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