Lavazza Perfecto Roast reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

Today has some tasks ahead of us. It is time to prepare for those tasks. What better way than coffee and a good breakfast. Let’s talk about that coffee.


As you have read, I’ve currently been exploring the Lavazza family of coffee. I’m glad I am doing this. Their medium roast is excellent. Their single origin is superb. Today, I’m going to be drinking their espresso roast. I’ve prepared the coffee in a drip maker today due to the high chance of this coffee being stout in flavor.

Let’s talk about what counts now: taste and aroma. This is an earthy smelling coffee, a hint of ash is present typical of dark roasts. The acidic bite of this coffee has an acidic finish. This is a strong and stout coffee. This is a better coffee to have in espresso form rather than in drip form. A good coffee, yes. Not one you can drink all day though from an electronic drip maker.


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