Land O’ Lakes Cappuccino Classics: Amaretto Italia Reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

As stated earlier, something different was needed to start the day’s labors.

Background: Land O’ Lakes Cappuccino Classics provides a low-cost, high-quality substitute to the ‘coffee shoppe’ cappuccino. See the prior post.

Taste & Aroma: The Amaretto Italia is worthy bearer of its mantle. This is drink has an Amaretto flavor that is unmistakable. The coffee flavors are less pronounced here, but they’re at the finish. This is a sweet drink, without being too sweet.

Pending Analysis: I prefer this beverage to the Cappuccino Suprema. Eventually, I’ll have to try this with milk and a blender with crushed ice rather than just adding water. Perhaps a jigger of Amaretto will be involved as well?

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