Land O Lakes Cappuccino Classics: Cappucino Suprema Reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

Time for coffee, but I need something different to start my day.

Background: Land O’ Lakes Cappuccino Classics are a decent way to do this. They are made with Colombian and Kona coffees. The only thing that matters here is hot water and a good 20 oz mug. I heat the equivalent amount of water for two minutes pour into the mug, and the magic happens in an instant. After all, this is instant cappuccino. Yet this is the best in the class of instant cappuccino that I am aware of at this time. Let’s find out why.


Taste & Aroma: The aroma is almost as good as the real thing. Visit your local coffee shoppe to experience the wonders of a proper cappuccino. The flavors are bright and clear in this beverage. There’s no mistake that the earthy and bright flavors of Colombian and Kona Coffees are present here. You’re drinking something great.

Final Analysis: This is a stop gap for when you need a cappuccino and you cannot get one.

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