Ireton: Derailed is in the galley proof stage!

Galley proofs are on the way for Ireton: Derailed!  I am elated that my work is about to be published in a few months from now. You can read the prologue here. What better way to celebrate this milestone with Mead!


Dansk Mjod Viking Blod is a Mead made in Denmark. It is brewed with Hibiscus, hops, and honey. The aroma is of sweet flowers and clover honey when poured into a wine glass from a chilled bottle.

IMG_0438 (1)

This 39 proof beverage is light brown in color and has little carbonation. The flavor is fruity, sweet, and floral. The hibiscus really shines. It remains me of LoveBuzz from the Anchorage Brewing Company.  This is a delicious beverage that evokes memories of my ancestors!




It also reminds me of this epic, yet flawed masterpiece of a PC game. 



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