Deus Ex, A Legacy Part III, The Community

Game: Deus Ex: The Conspiracy (2000)

Platform Played: PC

Price: $9.99 on GOG, $6.99 on Steam

Developer: Ion Storm

Publisher: Eidos Interactive, now Square Enix

Lead Designer: Warren Spector

Composers: Alexander Brandon, Michel Van Den Bois, and Dan Gardopee

Part I

Part II

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Deus Ex is going to be sixteen years old this June. Almost two decades old, and it spawned a series. Deus Ex: Human Revolution was an excellent installment in the series. The sequel to Deus ExDeus Ex 2: Invisible War was a decent game. Not brilliant, not wonderful, but decent. It strayed too far from the original’s proven formula. I’m eager to see the series progress with the current prequels being made and hopefully, better sequels in the future. Perhaps, one where all three endings available in  the original Deus Ex are explored? That would be welcome.

Denton GEP

When I finished Deus Ex for the second time I discovered the exciting mods available. One of them I reviewed prior to my tribute series and that is 2027. I strongly recommend you download 2027 and play it at your soonest convenience. My review gives you all the evidence why you should. Ahead are three mods worth your time playing. This is not a complete list by any means.

Deus Ex Nihilum (2013): FastGamerr is a serious legend in gaming. His magnum opus is TODOA, a total conversion for Dark Forces II Jedi Knight. Nihilum  is a well-executed add-on for DeusEx. It is a prequel of sorts, the player charcter: UNATCO Special Agent Mad Ingram uncovers a conspiracy just like JC Denton. Instead of wearing sunglasses at night though, he cannot get enough ham sandwiches. I’ll have to review this mod eventually. This mod was developed by FastGamerr


The Nameless Mod (2009): This parody of Deus Ex is full of deadpan humor and slapstick comedy. Some of the jokes are inside ones for those around during DeusEx’s peak period of popularity in the forums of Planet DeusEx and others. Afterall, this total conversion takes place in Forum City, not a future Earth. The Nameless Mod, is my personal favorite of DeusEx mods. This is one I’ve never beaten as it is miserably hard despite the comedic leanings it has. Eventually, I will review this mod. Until then, check it out here.  This mod was developed by Off Topic Productions.

The Nameless Mod

Zodiac (2006): This mod is well worth your time despite it’s age. In Zodiac, the player character is Paul Denton, J.C.’s brother. The quest takes place in the US, Argentina, and hidden bases. Paul engages forces of another kind as well to uncover and disrupt the enemy’s plot. This mod is entertaining. I did not finish it. However, on making it to the last level, I can say it is worth playing. It has an moddb page here.  The mod was developed by Steve Tack


This concludes my trilogy of tributes to the original DeusEx. It is remarkable that this game is now sixteen years old. This game continues to inspire, captivate, and entertain. Thanks to the developers of the original game and the community around the game who still celebrate and modify it, this will continue.

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