Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, a balanced BLU-52 of a beer Reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

Beer: Daisy Cutter

Brewery: Half Acre Beer Company

Country of Origin: United States of America (Chicago,IL)

Beer Style: Pale Ale

Abv: 5.2%


The Blu-52, nicknamed the daisy cutter had a 5,000+ feet blast radius. It was nicknamed the daisy cutter in Vietnam where it was used to create helicopter landing zones out of dense jungles and wooded areas. In Afghanistan it was used as an anti-personnel weapon and a show-of-force weapon to let the Islamic Fundamentalists know that coalition forces, in particular the United States were out for blood. The name Daisy Cutter is one synonymous with potency and power.

Half Acre Beer Company’s Daisy Cutter should be synonymous with potent flavor. This pale ale is an excellent example of the style. It is full flavored, yet balanced enough so John and Jane Doe can drink it along with John and Krista Hophead. I’m more along the lines with John and Krista. I do enjoy balanced beers though. This beer reminded me much of Stone’s Pale Ale 2.0. I have never had a Half Acre beer until this one. I am impressed and I will explore their beers more.

Taste & Aroma: Sweet pine, lemon, and honey tickle your nostrils before you imbibe. The flavors are bold and balanced. Spicy and fruity hop is at the start and finish. A smooth malt is at the middle. This is a beer you could drink with your steak, pasta, seafood, or all by itself after mowing the lawn. A lawnmower beer should not be a pejorative statement.


Final Analysis: This is an exceptional beer with exceptional flavor. I strongly encourage you trying this beer. As I stated earlier, I am going to try more Half Acre Beer and I am going to seek out this beer on draught.


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