Green Mountain Coffee’s Keurig Cappuccino, an instant DIY Barista

By now you know I love Coffee and Beer. I especially love Cappuccino and Green Mountain Coffee does a fine job with their coffee house flavors via the Keurig brewerers.

Here’s the before picture:

Pour the froth packet in first, then chamber the KCup in your Keurig and press one of the brew buttons.

Once you stir up the finished product it will look like this:

It is at my house, not a coffeehouse.

Despite being made from a packet of instant froth and a typical K-Cup, the experience is worthwhile. The coffee is good and strong. The froth feels like it came from your local coffee shoppe made lovingly by your favorite barista. This is worth your time and money. Just remember to stir well so you don’t get the wet froth powder stuck in your teeth. That is not pleasant.

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