Caribou Coffee’s Obsidian Reviewed by Brandon C. Hovey

Coffee: Obsidian

Roast: Dark

Coffee Company: Caribou

Serving Methodology: Keurig

Background: It has been a long, long time since I have used my Keurig brewer. I have been sticking to my French Press as of late. I also have been using my old and reliable drip coffee maker. It was time for a change though. My Dad was kind enough to spare a bottle of descaling fluid to get the gunk out of my Keurig. From now on, I believe I shall descale my Keurig every other month as it has greatly improved the machine’s dispensing capability and it has restored the quality flavor enhancing actions to coffee that only the Keurig brewer can provide.

K-cup in the author’s hand

Taste & Aroma: The aromas present here are a burnt-charcoal like aroma at first, but then an earthy cedar as the steam from the mug lifts off after being removed from the Keurig’s drip tray. The flavors here are excellent: an earthy roasted flavor hits you right away as you take the first sip. As the coffee cools a little hint of fruit is present. This reminds me of a lot of Mexican coffees I have had the privilege of enjoying.

A little bit of crema!

Final Analysis: This is a coffee that is dark enough for the evening. It is not too dark either for the morning. This is an almost all-day coffee. You’ll see several all-day coffees coming up that are about to be reviewed.

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