The Clinton Street Social Club, A Gem in Iowa City

I was fortunate to have a justifiable reason for being in Iowa City, Iowa as I returned from an important conference in Madison, Wisconsin. I-39 was closed off in a section of Northern Illinois so I returned home via Iowa. In Iowa City, I rendezvoused with one of my best friends of over thirteen years now at the Clinton Street Social Club. 
The Clinton Street Social Club has an atmosphere worthy of film noir or a steampunk setting. The old dark ceilings resembled the taverns and speakeasies of old. Saloons of the west were likely mimicked in establishing the decor of this fine establishment. The food menu looked excellent. But we had already eaten. Martinis were the order of the day. My pal had a French 75. I had an Aviation. 
The Aviation was an aromatic cocktail. Delightful as much as the company. This is a drink that you cannot savor in most places. Check it out. 
18 1/2 S. Clinton Street
Iowa City, IA 52240
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