What I made for dinner tonight Part II of many by Brandon C. Hovey

I whipped up some corn fusili pasta with a hearty meat sauce. Let’s talk about the meat sauce: Included ingredients: onion, garlic, tomato paste, diced tomatoes, and a tomato sauce base. Also included was ground chuck. It was outstanding. The star of the show was the sauce as evidenced below.


My wife’s garlic bread was good too. It was more than an able supporting cast member in this culinary production. The lousy performer though were these noodles. These corn fusili were awful.




I should have bought traditional or spinach pasta today. These were horrific. These corn noodles were rejects at the Frito factory. I will never use these noodles again. They would make nona angry.

I will make something better next time. Read about a better meal here.


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