Czechvar or Budweiser Budvar, a review by Brandon C. Hovey

Background: Earlier, I reviewed Budweiser. Budweiser is one of my favorite beers and to me it still remains the Great American Lager as it says on the label. Many do not know that there is a beer of the same name brewed in the Czech Republic. It is imported to the United States under the name of Czechvar.

This beer is not distributed in my corner of the world. Therefore, I acquired a six pack of this magnificent beer in that wonderful place called Iowa City, Iowa where I also visited the Clinton Street Social Club with one of my best friends. I have had this beer three times in my life. Each time is a special one. I really want to dry it from the can. Unfortunately, the silly green bottle is the only option.

Let’s talk beer.


Beer: Czechvar

Brewery: Budweiser Budvar Brewery

Abv: 5%

Beer Style: Czech Pilsner

Serving Methodology: Bottle poured into Left Hand Brewing Company stout glass

Country of Origin: Czech Republic

Taste & Aroma: I held the glass right up to my nose and took in a whiff. A biscuity aroma tickles the nostrils thanks to this beer’s high carbonation. Despite the silly green bottle, the beer has no skunky odor. The taste is the star here. A fruity malt with a light hop bite at the end is present. This is a crisp, mild, and refreshing beer. It isn’t clean at the finish, it has a bite. Bite in a beer is what I want, this beer has it.

Final Analysis: This is a solid example of a Czech Pilsner. Pilsner Urquell is still one of my favorite beers though, and I truly believe it is the best example of that style. Czechvar or Budweiser Budvar is a decent entry in the pilsner horse race. It is far from the worst and definitely not the best. Yet, it remains a stalwart example of an excellent traditional style originating in the 1840s: the Czech Pilsner. I would enjoy trying this beer on draught.


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