Double Black Bean Patties Topped with Guacamole made by my wife

For dinner my wife whipped up her homemade guacamole. This guacamole is made from a whole Avocado. This is a creamy sauce, not a runny one. My wife succeeds at crafting a quality sauce, avoiding that horrid restaurant watery mouthfeel and replacing it with an authentic cream-like feeling. The guacamole tops the upper patty and covers a part of the lower one.


The two black bean veggie patties have a black bean base with corn and other veggie goodies. The black bean though is my favorite. This tastes like a southwest beef dish rather than something made without beef. The spices here add heat and a peppary flavor to otherwise dull veggies. Now this is not too hot. So the guacamole doesn’t have to put out the fire. Instead it only adds a cooling effect to a spicy offering that is not too spicy.



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