Toppling Goliath’s PseudoSue, A Pale Ale that Saurs by Brandon C. Hovey

Beer: PseudoSue

Beer Style: Pale Ale

Abv: 5.80%

Serving Methodology: Can poured into Pokal style glass

Country of Origin: United States of America (Decorah,Iowa)

Background: This is a leftover from my recent trip to Iowa City, Iowa. It is a treasure of a city and while you are there visit the club here. I have had this excellent brew on draught before. It is excellent. I had to try the can version.

The beer is named for the largest T-Rex fossil ever found. It would make Sam Neil and Jeff Goldblum proud, right? 

Taste & Aroma: Exceptional floral aromas fill the glass and your nostrils long before you imbibe. The peppery and floral bite from the fruity hops hits you hard, but not too hard. I’m a hop head. I love hop-heavy beers like Stone Ruination,  Stone IPA, Stone Cali-Belgique  and Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo.  This beer is hoppy enough for me, a hop head and mild enough for my wife who drinks Corona and white wines. The crisp bite from the hops and the smooth malty finish are something to be desired to achieve a good balance. This has got it.


Final Analysis: This beer is perfect from both the tap and from the can. I prefer cans to bottles so I won’t be seeking a bottle out. There’s enough evidence here to pin PseudoSue as the best beer reviewed on my blog so far.

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