Bohemia, An Outstanding Example of a Pilsner Beer from the USA’s southern neighbor by Brandon C. Hovey

Beer: Bohemia

Beer Style: German Pilsner

Brewery: Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery

Abv: 4.7

Serving methodology: Bottle poured into a pint glass

Country of Origin: Mexico

I adore that classy foil top.

Background: Bohemia is my favorite Mexican beer. I sought it ought prior to Cinco De Mayo. Unfortunately, I had to settle for light beer. Yet it was not that bad. Bohemia is one of the best examples of a pilsner to come from our hemisphere. Unfortunately, Bohemia is no longer distributed in my neck of the woods. Thankfully, a neighboring city had a six pack with my name on it.

Great color and exceptional carbonation.

Taste & Aroma: Wet grains, malt, and hay are the aromas from this beer. Thankfully, unlike Czechvar Bohemia is bottled in a classy brown bottle to keep light away and the beer’s yeast functional. No skunk here! The taste is obviously what always matters in beer and this is a perfect example of a pilsner. A spicy bite is the opener at the first sip followed by a malt middle and a lingering clean finish. This is a pilsner, ladies and gentlemen.

Final Analysis: If I ever see this beer on draught, I am sure anxious to review it. Again, this is a quality beer beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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