Gloria Jean’s Hazelnut, A Flavored Medium Roast

When someone mentions Gloria Jeans my memories drift back to a pleasant childhood where my mother would take me to the mall to have my precious Mint Chocolate Bomb by Gloria Jean’s. The Gloria Jean’s Coffee house that was by us was no more for years and it has finally returned. I still to this day enjoy their Mint Chocolate Bomb Mocha Chillers, but nowadays I enjoy their coffee as much as I do their blended espresso concentrate based drinks.


The box itself can really whet your appetite for this coffee in a mater of seconds by staring at it.


The coffee is finished. The flash of my camera makes the coffee resemble the ‘dead-channel sky’ over Chiba City. The flavor of this coffee is a supple and balanced hazelnut. This is not sickly sweet and it is not halfway flavored. It is full-flavored and delicious. I strongly advise you to have this coffee sooner than later. More Gloria Jean’s Coffees will be reviewed later on.

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