Wolfenstein 3D’s Episode II: Operation Eisenfaust

Background: Earlier, I reviewed the newer Wolfenstein titles: here and here. Furthermore, I reviewed Wolfenstein 3D’s Episodes I and III. I left out Episode II, because in my opinion it is less fun. Instead of fighting hordes of Wehrmacht and SS, the player engages mutants which in other words can be called Nazi Zombies.

The sire of these zombies: Dr. Schabbs
The Mutants, that pistol in their chest is a nasty weapon.

Gameplay: I will be frank, this episode of Wolfenstein 3D is one of my least favorites. The whole zombie trope has it’s pros, and this game helped pave the way for Nazi zombies later on. Yet, for someone playing this game in the 21st Century, it gets a tad dated. Plus, the level design in Episode II is marred by some pretty bizarre colors.

I cannot tell if this is a poorly colored forest or a weird Nazi wallpaper that was ordered by a Fuhrer Directive.

The fight with Dr. Schabbs is intense on all difficulties. He is just as tough as mecha Hitler in Episode III.

Final Analysis: This wasn’t as bad as I remembered it being.

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