Dale’s Pale Ale, A Patriarchal Ale to Me

Beer: Dale’s Pale Ale

Beer Style: Pale Ale

Abv: 6.50%

Brewery: Oskar Blues

Serving Methodology: 12 oz can poured into dimpled pint glass

Country of Origin: United States


Background: My dad’s name is Dale. I love my dad and I love fine pale ales such as this. On his birthday once, I purchased a six pack of these fine examples of canned beer for him. This is an excellent example of how good beer should be. Try Dale’s Pale Ale and you won’t be disappointed.

Oh? What’s that I hear? You are hesitant because it is canned? Times have changed. You see canned beer is almost as good as draught beer. After all, it is practically a mini-keg. It chills faster than a bottle, and light cannot get in. Your beer is almost brewery fresh when a craft brewery uses proper canning methods.

Taste & Aroma: A resiny and piney aroma can be detected right away as the glass comes up to your nose and lips. A dark fruit, then a citrus note can be detected. One on top of the other as it comes out of the glass into your mouth. Then the piney taste shines through, followed by a fierce, yet controlled hop bite. This is a sharp and strong beer, yet it is still balanced enough so a non-hop head can enjoy it.

IMG_0599 (1)

Final Analysis: This is a solid beer. I advise you to try it when you can Oskar Blues makes terrific beers and this is a good introduction to them. I still need to try this from the tap.


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