Upland Brewing’s Champagne Velvet Pre-Prohibition Pilsner

Prohibition was a mistake. This noble experiment is truly an antithesis of noble as much as a belch at the dinner table. The noble experiment outlawed alcohol while enabling and empowering a whole new class of outlaws that were more or less created by this law. Pre-Prohibition beers have always fascinated me as they provide a unique glimpse into historical flavors that are not often scene in modern brewing.  I’m going to be exploring more of these beers soon and this is the first one on the list.

This beer was first brewed in 1902, and Upland Brewing now brews this beer with “The Million Dollar Flavor”

Beer: Champagne Velvet

Beer Style: American Pilsner

Brewery: Upland Brewing Company

Serving Methodology Large can poured into 8 oz plastic cup

Abv: 5.5%

Taste & Aroma: The smell of bananas hit my nose right away as I put this plastic cup up to my lips. The taste is even better though! The taste of biscuits, cereal grains, malt, and a spicy hop finish were all present. This beer may be old-school, but it has flavors that rival modern-day products



Final Analysis: This beer is one for the books. I am eager to try this on draught too as I know too well it will not disappoint.



Exceptional Beer!

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