Ballast Point’s Longfin Lager

Beer: Longfin Lager

Brewery: Ballast Point

Country of Origin: USA

Beer Style: Munich Helles Lager


Serving Methodology: 12 oz can poured into 312 weizen glass

I enjoy the nautical theme.
My first time trying a beer of this style, I’m eager to explore.



Background: I do not have much experience with Helles Lagers. I do know they originated in Munich sometime in the 19th Century to compete with Pilsner and Dortumunder style lagers. I used to hate lagers in general. Pilsners warmed me up to them. Dortmunder beers I enjoy but I prefer Pilsners hands down. I believe this is my first Helles style lager.

Taste & Aroma: I smell sweet caramel malt first, and then a twinge of a floral accent. These are mellow aromas. This is a dry, crisp, sour to tart, and spicy lager. The finish is slightly sweet though. And a tad syrupy. This type of beer has me slightly wondering what the rest of it’s kin are like within the family of Helles style lagers.

A gorgeous bombshell of a beer!



Final Analysis: This is so excellent I want to have it on draught.

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