Wolfenstein 3D The Best Mods and TCs From My Perspective

Wolfenstein 3D was the beginning of the first person shooter genre in general. Doom, Quake, and Duke Nukem 3D followed. These first generation FPS games were made in a time when the computer gaming industry was in an adolescent phase. Many companies were more considered with fun and providing fun rather than intellectual property or copywright statues. A thriving modding and mapping community developed from all four of the above mentioned games. And as time progressed more innovative maps were developed. The three below listed maps are some of my favorites.


Spear: Resurrection: This could be the very best Wolfenstein 3D/Spear of Destiny Total Conversion. What you have here is a remix of the original combined with new textures, sprites, and a action-comedy storyline that spoofs the Great Escape and a catchy 80s song. This mod was developed by MCS and AReyeP

[Images from Spear: Resurrection] 



This is where that 80s song plays.





Spear Resurrection can be downloaded here. 

Operation Eisenfaust: Legacy: This is by far one of the hardest total conversions or user made levels in my opinion. Even with their new edition that they released which re balanced the game so that the player actually has a chance. I have played both editions and I can tell you the newer edition is more worthwhile as you will be less frustrated and more so entertained. New textures, sprites, and weapons await the player. This mod was developed by Team Raycast.


Operation Eisenfaust: Legacy Download Here. They also have holiday themed level packs, but I have not played those yet.

Batman: No Man’s Land: I did not play this too long due to time constraints, but this is a batman FPS. What is there not to like?

Download Here.


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