Butch’s White Pizza Loves a Grill Part II

Read Part I 

After a strange encounter at a National/Regional Grocery chain we returned to my friend’s house to commence grilling the pizza. We let the flames of his gas grill climb and let the temperature of the grill ascend to four hundred degrees. We then planted the pizza on the grill’s cooking face.

Butch’s White thrown onto the cooking face

Butch’s White has Mozzarella Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, ground beef, garlic, and onion. This pizza is a delicious and savory treat that few other frozen pizzas can match quality or taste to, many try and many fail. Butch’s Premium Pizza is one of the best exports out of Morton, Illinois. And the great part of it all is that it doesn’t involve pumpkins. 

In about fourteen minutes the pizza looked ready.

Butch’s White in all of it’s cooked glory!

The pizza turned out better than I expected it too. The cheese was gooey and melted as cheese on a pizza should be. The ground beef loved the grill and it’s well-seasoned flavors shone through completely. My friend and his wife and I all thought the pizza was good, but we learned not to have this pizza on such high heat next time as the pizza was loved by the grill a little too much.

I am eager to have another Butch’s White Pizza alongside their Supreme shortly. When you have a Butch’s White Pizza you are having one of the first of it’s kind. Butch’s Pizza started distributing this back in 1984.

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